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A blog, a decent amount of traffic and an impassioned interest in earning money. That’s about everything you need to have in order to venture into paid blogging.

If you can honestly say that you have all of the above, then you can get paid to blog now!

You must be wondering how much you can earn from blogging. The money you can earn from blogging depends on a variety of factors.

One major deciding factor is the value of your blog. Most get paid to blog websites determine your blog’s value, which will then qualify you for blog posts of a certain amount.

Another factor is the default amount offered by the website. It can range from $5 to usually $50, if your blog’s content fits the paid blog and your blog has a high rate of visitors, your payment can get as high as $50/post – sometimes even higher.

So which get paid to blog websites should you trust? Not all of them are as high paying as they say; some of them won’t even pay! Here’s a quick guide you can trust:


PayPerPost rates registered blogs by their Google PageRank. Low traffic blogs can earn as much as $5 to $10, while high traffic blogs that have a PR score of 6 can earn as much as $175.

Before getting approved in PayPerPost though, your blog must be at least 30 days old. You can also register other blogs, but only after you’ve had ten posts from your first blog approved. In order to get paid, you simply need a PayPal account.


PayPerPost is easily one of the most legitimate blogs out there. You get your blog’s worth and you don’t even have to research much on the subjects. It’s a great way to get paid to blog.


A close second is SponsoredReviews.com. Sponsored Reviews will give you free reign as to how you want the blog post to be. The tone and style are completely under your control, as long as your blog talks to its target audience.


The only difficult part about Sponsored Reviews is getting in. Your blog must have a considerable amount of regular traffic before it gets qualified. You will also bid on the assignments, which is in itself a competitive process that roots out low traffic blogs.


If you’re just starting with paid blogging, you might want to try Blogsvertise. Your blog only has to be 30 days old in order to be approved.

Once approved, your blog will be put on probation period, during which time you will be given low paying assignments. Nonetheless, you will get money from the blogs and perhaps fill your blog with some posts.


The tricky part is getting people to read your blog. You may have to exert extra effort in getting your blog out to a number of people.


ReviewMe starts paying approved blogs with $5 per entry. Blogs are approved on the basis of the quality of the content, the Google PageRank and the traffic.

When creating a blog posts, you are advised to disclose the fact that it is a sponsored post, which doesn’t make your blog a sellout if you are so sensitive about it. The requirements in ReviewMe are quite stiff, so you might want to join this get paid to blog site when you earn a higher PR.


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  1. Michael Burn says:

    Unfortunately these options are not for all bloggers, because the advertisers do not cover all the niches there are. So if you are just a passionate blogger you must have the passion in a popular field that attracts advertisers. You either make the compromises and mix pleasure with business or you make yourself a more commercial blog, just for the money.

  2. These services are really the best to generate income without making any monetary investment. It is similar to a job although not that much but it surely can help anyone looking for opportunities online to make some money. Nice post! keep coming!

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