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Top Ten Downsides of Working from Home

While being your own boss at the confines of your own territory – your own home – can be quite tempting, there are still some things you have to think about before quitting your nine to five job.

A lot of people tend to think that being an entrepreneur would give them all the freedom they want. However, they do not see that the freedom they are eyeing might be just another trap and could ruin their financial status.

Worse, it could also affect their social and personal lives. So before deciding to go on your own, you must first assure yourself that you would not be trapped in the following problems when it arises:

1. Maintaining one’s work discipline

Some people see working from home as an exercise for their independence. Although some can attest to this, we have to admit that not having supervisors bossing you around may give you an excuse to slack. Like the famous marshmallow test in Psychology, children, and eventually people, tend to do “more-fun-than work” things when no one’s around.

Thinking that you are handling your own time could be quite overwhelming especially if you came from a rigid work schedule. With the usual office naggers gone, you’ll most likely forget about deadlines and goals since you are not liable to anyone but yourself.

2. No Borderline between work and life

Working at home may be a treat since you are in control but working at home by yourself and running your own business could affect not only your work but your whole life. One must admit that your work could affect your familial relationships since you are doing it in your home.

On the other hand, overvaluing of your personal relationships could also affect the way you handle your business. Environment-wise, living in your workplace might give you the usual stress you get in your typical workplace, something a house should never mean to you. Your house should give you the idea that you are home and that your work is finally done for the day.

3. Privacy

Since your workplace is now your home, it would be usual for your customers to visit or deal with you by paying you a home visit. This could be convenient at some point, but it also exposes you to give up your security. We cannot avoid that we have to deal with demanding customers, or worse bogus customers which we have to entertain right under our roof.

Working from Home

Working from Home

The chance of jeopardizing your security is far greater since our home is one permanent thing in our life which we always come back to.

Another example is when engaging in a phone call. Business calls while you are in your own house with all the usual house noises would also expose your life to your clients since it creates an unlikely background during business conversations. One thing that could make your customers doubt about the sincerity of your service.

4. Distraction

Working at home could be a joy to family members who are dying to see you every day.

The new setup would be a refreshing and bright idea contrary to when you we’re tied at your office chair and table while working as an employee in your previous company. This could be a good thing in some moments but having people around the house could mean distraction from your work. You cannot avoid that working from home will give your family members or friends to access you almost anytime because they know where you are.

Your children would ask you to play with them and some should not be surprised that your parents, if you are still living with them, might ask you to help out in the chores which may derail your work track. Setting your interaction limits within the home may be done but this could break the homey atmosphere in your house.

5. Being a one-man team

Being your own boss entails, at some instances, being your own marketing executive, purchaser, maintenance crew or driver. As an entrepreneur, you’ll experience to start the business from scratch. With that, you have to effectively do the task yourself to be able to maximize the potentials of your resources for your business’ growth.

Having control over your business might feel good. However, feeling the stress of having to do all your tasks by yourself may also wear you down. The quality of your service or your product might also suffer especially when you’re already tired and no one else has to do the job but you.

6. Cluttering your office/house

Creating a space for your office and your home could be a bit tricky. It could also mean giving up your personal space. At times, you would not be able to avoid bringing your laptop to the kitchen table while you are preparing your meals for your family.

Also, transferring your office to your home could mean sacrifices in your living space like giving up the entertainment room to give way for an office space or a showroom. Working at home could be convenient but you still have to get the necessary equipments for your new office so you could be satisfied too as an entrepreneur.

7. No social relationship with people

Although you hate your boss’ guts and your gossip-hungry seatmate, it’s still good to attend social gatherings like Christmas parties or sports fests once in a while. You have to admit that working at home while your family members are in school or in their office could create a lonely atmosphere at home. Spending everyday in a silent house could drive you crazy which could affect your work.

On the other hand, doing your work, and doing it on your own might make you miss out your quality time with your loved ones more and you’ll end up spending most of your time just at home. It’s always best to interact with people to grow as a person. As they always say, “No man is an island”.

8. Always on-call

As flexible working at home may sound, it could also mean that your job has no time period and that you are always on-call every day, whatever happens. Since your business is demand driven, you cannot choose when to slack off since your customers must be served.

You also have to be always on hands-on mode since you own and run your business on your own. Quality time with your loved ones may sacrifice when you have to answer a client or when a last minute order arrives.

9. Unstable financials

As an entrepreneur, you have to shell out every dime for your business. Unlike in an office setup where you get your monthly allowance and occasional work bonuses. Being on your own exposes you to financial risks just to maintain your business afloat.

Also, a poor business may leave you with no income to sustain your needs. You may also be tempted to dig in your savings pocket to make ends meet. And if your business suffers, you may lose everything.

10. Take-home stress

Staying at home might be quite tempting but it does not exempt you from stress. Worse, the stress is already in your home and there is nowhere to go but to face it, unlike coming home from work after a bad day.

The stress could also affect the people in your home which might strain your relationships. This might also affect your work since you handle the stress in all levels of the business process if you are working solo. Giving in to stress is more possible when you are handling it on your own.

These are just some of the common problems that those who work at home experienced. You should keep the said scenarios in mind when trying to decide to finally go out into the business world on your own. Being your own boss can really be a self-fulfilling goal but it does not mean that it’s all play and no hard work.

Working at home requires dedication and self-discipline. If you can assure yourself that you can keep yourself and your loved ones in-check all the time when it comes to being work-independent, then maybe you could give working at home a try, but always remind yourself of the risks.

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