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Traffic Building for Beginners

Building traffic flow to your website is essential. Without traffic, your website is nothing more than a drain on your resources.

You have to have a high flow of traffic to the site, but you also have to have that traffic stay long enough to venture inside your website, rather than navigating away as soon as your homepage or splash page loads.

You can have an incredibly high flow of traffic to your site, but if they bounce out, then you have nothing at all. Here, you will learn more about traffic building, the tools you need and the traffic building strategies you need to develop.

Targeted Traffic

The need for traffic should not encourage you to send out spam emails or to use underhanded means of directing traffic to your website. Besides being unethical, traffic building strategies like these do no real good for your website.

Consider the problem with untargeted traffic… Consumer A comes to your website, whether accidentally or through misinformation. However, Consumer A is not interested in what you have to say or to sell, so that consumer then leaves.

This does you no good, other than creating a spike in the number of bounce visitors that you experience. A better option is to build targeted traffic through different means.

Traffic Building

Traffic Building

Forum Traffic

User forums can be fantastic places to start building traffic. Forums give you access to an audience that is nominally interested in whatever it is that you have on offer.

However, in order to build traffic through a forum, you cannot simply jump in and start posting links.

You’ll need to take the time to establish a rapport with other users in the forum.

Set yourself up as an expert in your field by interacting with other users. Post informative, thoughtful responses to questions or engage in conversations. Once you have built up a reputation, you can begin inserting links here and there to drive traffic to your website.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a powerful tool for traffic building. Through article marketing, you can establish a reputation of expertise and excellence, as well as getting a ton of back links to your website. This practical traffic building technique is quite simple to accomplish, as well.

Simply sign up with several article directories and begin publishing informative articles on your topic of expertise. You will gain a link to your website through the bio box at the bottom of each article.

In addition, these articles are routinely used as content for ezines and newsletters online, and your bio box will remain intact in each of these uses, giving you yet another back link.

Back links are important, not just for driving traffic, but for raising your page rank score through Google.

Other practical traffic building tips center on content. If you routinely provide your website visitors with valuable, targeted information, you can expect to generate more traffic.

An example of this is blogging. If you take the time to blog about your company, your experiences and your expertise, then you will generate a solid reader base. These readers will then visit your website, enhancing your traffic flow, without forcing you to suffer from the problems inherent with untargeted traffic generation.

Traffic building is an essential part of online success, but you must take the time to do it right from the outset.

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  1. Rick Bowers says:

    I had a major setback these days. After reading some of your articles I understood the importance of driving traffic to my blog and I tried to apply some of the techniques learned here. But, and it is a major but, in my niche almost none of the sites or blogs allows me to link back to my own blog. The disabled the comments or they set nofollow attribute to the links. I searched google for my keywords and not even on the fifth page did I find a blog that allowed me to leave a comment with my URL. Tough niche, isn’t it?

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