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Transition – From Employee to Entrepreneur

You finally made that big leap! You have decided you not to work for anybody but yourself. You wanted to become the boss of your company.

A good decision to make but are you really ready for it? Some of us may have left the workforce because we do want to be our own boss. On the other hand, there are others who had no choice but to quit even if they would not have wanted to leave their jobs.

Still, there are some who have fallen to victims of the economic slump that the company they are working for have to resort to cost-cutting measures, including retrenchment. Whichever category you belong to or whatever factors have driven you to leave the workforce, you have to plan your life and map your future endeavor.

Deciding to be an entrepreneur may be easy but the transition from being a regular employee to a budding entrepreneur can be tough.

There are many challenges and hurdles along the way but if you are willing to make it big on your own and be your own boss then let us start the ball rolling.

First, prepare for unpredictable working hours

If you have been so used to following a work schedule, you better be ready for an irregular working hour (this includes working during odd hours and losing some sleep).

While you may be free to set your own working hour, you may have to spend some time meeting clients. If you intend to have an online business, it would mean you have to monitor your website for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

As your target market is internet users all over the world, you have to adjust to time-differences. You may have to deal with a client that is just starting his or her day while you are getting ready for your bedtime.

In addition, you have to make yourself available to help clients and customers anytime they need you. Yes, it could mean erratic sleeping hours, too. You may find this a bit difficult during the early stage but you will get use to it. As you stay longer in the online business, you will be learning ways to cope with customer demands and to find efficient ways to manage your time wisely.

Second, be willing to do more tasks

Perhaps when you were still an employee you are assigned to specific task; thus, you perform that one task every working day. There are other members of the workforce who will be doing another job.

When you become an entrepreneur, you will have to do different tasks, such as:

  • Website design and lay-out
  • Content writing
  • Bookkeeping and account monitoring

Of course, if you have a big capital you can hire people to do these things for you. But if not, you can always do things on your own. All you need is the willingness to learn how things are done and the patience to accomplish this task.

Third, start networking and build partnership

If your social life was limited to workmates and neighbors, now that you are planning on becoming an entrepreneur, you will need to be friends with as many people as you can. I think you know why. Your network will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Employee? Entrepreneur?

Employee? Entrepreneur?

For example, you want to establish an online business. You will be needing people to visit your website as well as to promote your website.

Your family and friends will provide you with free advertisement. Ask them to introduce you to people they know who may be interested to the product or service.

You can also sign up with social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to advertise your product or service.

Remember, the more people there are who knows about your online business, the more chances you have of closing a deal.

You need to mingle and socialize to make people aware of your business. You also need to be more active on forums and blogs to promote your product or service and to meet people who may be interested to your product or service.

Lastly, prepare yourself for the task ahead

As I have said, the transition from being an employee to entrepreneur can be a tough road ahead. You have to prepare yourself for the challenges that await you.

  1. Attend workshops, trainings, and seminars that are related to your chosen business
  2. If you can afford to take short courses on basic accounting and business management, do so (this will help you in managing your business and finances).
  3. Seek the advice of people who has been in the business and know how they become successful. While they many not tell you their formula for success, you can learn a thing or two from their experience.

All these should prepare you as you change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. A word of caution, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Always have a fallback plan and option, in case your first foray into entrepreneurship does not succeed.

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