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Using the Apple iBook Store to Sell Your Books

You’re no stranger to how Apple is revolutionizing how technology is and will be as we know it. In fact, you may even be a loyal user of one or more of its products.

I don’t blame you: not only are Apple devices easy to use, they are also free from the usually slow and dragging performance of other operating systems. Most importantly, Apple’s products go beyond its sophisticated look and user-friendly interface.

Arguably the best feature across all Apple devices is the power for everyone to sell their own apps and songs even without a developer. The same feature is present in one of its latest feature apps: the Apple iBook Store.

Introducing the iPad and the Amazing iBooks

I don’t even need to go into the details of how and why iPad is becoming one of the biggest cultural icons of this generation. A few months ago, cynics didn’t think the iPad had much use, considering its fairly limited capabilities. Yet here we are, with a device that has again taken an entire generation by storm.

Apple iBook Store

Apple iBook Store

Although going into the details of how iPad can be a moneymaking tool with its different apps might be of great help to you, I’m going to focus on an immediate use it can have for you as an online seller or writer.

All you have to do is familiarize yourself with an amazing app: the iBooks. iBooks, for those who don’t know yet, is essentially an app that allows you to read e-books and download them in the iBook Store.

Reading books with this app is surprisingly similar, perhaps even better, than reading an actual book.

The iPad is roughly has the same size as a hardbound book, only thinner. Even better, the iPad will allow you to customize the lighting and the size of the text, among other helpful functions.

Now, the iBook Store is where you can download your favorite books anytime you want. All you have to do is to access the store and download the book from among a growing selection of books.

This includes the bestselling novels and, as an added and invaluable benefit, books that are written by any person, even without a publisher.

So how much does this app cost? With a size of around 6.7 MB, iBooks can be downloaded for free. This includes free updates and customization based on the language you use.

Three Ways to Sell Books on iBook Store

Now that you know what iBooks and the iBook Store is all about, you can proceed with making money using this platform. Here are three ways by which you:

1. Sell your unpublished fictional novel

Have you always had a knack for writing fiction? Perhaps what you’re holding you back is the fear of not having any publisher to take you up on your book idea. With the affirmation and feedback of your friends, colleagues and family, you can start doing what you’ve always wanted: write a novel.

Instead of letting publishers be the judge of your book’s quality, why don’t you let your readers be?

2. Sell an informational product

It’s about time that you sit down and write about what you know. Turn your knowledge of the law, health and nutrition, dating and relationships or anything interesting under the sun into an informational product that you can distribute and sell in the iBook Store.

Before doing so, conduct a research on how many books on the same topic are being sold. After this, set your mind into writing an informative and well-written e-book that you can sell for a fair price.

3. Sell an affiliate marketing product.

You can also distribute e-books in the iBook Store. Doing so may sound counterproductive, even pointless. Why will you sell an affiliate marketing product that can be otherwise sold on eBay or some other popular online commerce website?

iPad, with its increasingly expanding number of users, cater to different sectors of the population – most of whom don’t even bother to open up an eBay account! The tech-savvy young and professionals are also more open to the idea of buying an online e-book, so you don’t even have to convince them about the advantages of reading books in their trendy Apple device!

Before Selling a Book…

Make sure that you comply with the requirements set by iBook Store. In order to start selling your books, you will be asked to file an online application here. You will then be notified of the requirements for distributing books on the library.

They are divided into three: technical requirements, book content requirements, and financial requirements. If you do not meet any or all of the requirements stated, then you might as well complete them first before pursuing your application for a hassle-free transaction.

  • Technical Requirements: You should have no problem if you are using a Mac with at least 1GB RAM, Quicktime 7.0.3, at least 10 GB free hard drive space, and a stable broadband internet connection.
  • Book Content Requirements: The book you’re selling must have ISBN and must be in epub format. The book will be checked via the EpubCheck 1.0.5.
  • Financial Requirements: Before you can distribute books, you must have a US Tax ID and an account in iTunes store (You may also contact an iBookstore aggregator for assistance in any of the requirements).

By using the iBook Store to sell your e-books, you are at the forefront of a few brave and courageous online writers and marketers who have used this platform for online moneymaking. Make no mistake: you shall be rewarded.

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    Do you need a dev account if you want to submit your book? How to turn my book which is in palin white text to e-book format?

  2. Alan says:

    I am an Austrlian citizen living in Australia. Can I sell and eBook through the apple ibookstore? If so where do I find the relevant information?

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