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Using the Law of Attraction to Make Money Online

Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so. What does this quote from Charles De Gaulle even have to do with making money online?

If you examine it carefully, the quote is trying to tell you something simple: the law of attraction will help you achieve what you think is far from possible – making real and serious money online.

You may seriously doubt that claim. How can mere determination achieve something as concrete as a means of living? If the rules were that simple, why have a lot more people failed in the online job industry compared to the few handful that have succeeded?

Believe it or not, the law of attraction has everything to do with these questions.

Why Do Job Hunters Fail to Make Money Online?

Before anything else, you should know that making money, offline or online, is no easy feat. In fact, the economic times today make it even harder, bordering on impossible.

Although online job hunters claim to have looked hard enough, they often fall flat on their faces and never get to the pot of gold promised by the Internet.

First of all, the reason behind this is that most of them are looking for a quick overnight scheme of getting rich on the Internet. The Internet may be a rich source of information and a lucrative place to earn money, but it certainly isn’t a one-stop drive-through of income.

Programs that promise to give you back your money many times over in a day or two just don’t legitimately exist. People have learned that the hard way when they discovered that these programs are usually scams that disappear right after they’ve invested on the program.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Another reason why these job hunters fail is that they pick all the wrong ways of earning money online.

They either choose to gamble or to wage their savings, which lead to losses.

In all these reasons, self-improvement is out of the question.

If you want to earn online, you should place the law of attraction at the center of your search, constantly keep self-improvement in mind, and look for online jobs with steadfast determination.

How Do You Use the Law of Attraction to Your Advantage?

1. Think of a career path you want to take online

First of all, think of a career path you want to take online. Literally open yourself to the sea of options of making money online – from setting up your own business online to being a freelance writer.

Keep on thinking positive – that you can find online jobs if you look closely enough – and the results will surely manifest after dedicating a substantial amount of time searching for online job options.

Looking for these jobs can be confusing at first, but once you create a detailed database with all the possible online jobs listed, everything will be a lot easier.

Cover all these bases and identify which online job you want to explore. Once you have completed the list, then the law of attraction has helped you accomplish the first step of earning online.

2. Believe that you can succeed in your chosen online job

After identifying the jobs that you want, you need to believe that you can succeed in your chosen online job. Granted that you have no previous online job experience, you should not stop yourself from thinking positively. You should maintain a positive mindset that, with your chosen online craft, you can establish a name for yourself.

Other people will call you crazy for even dreaming of having a successful online job, but the first step to making it happen is believing that it will happen.

Most job hunters stop short of even believing in themselves, so they never get to the point of having a successful career online. Before the law of attraction even works wonders for them, they stop it from entering their lives altogether.

3. Explore the online job you want

After determining what you want, it’s time for you to know everything you need to know about the online job.

If you decide on exploring freelance writing, know everything you need to know about the industry. This will require long hours of research, reading articles and ebooks, and some on-hand experience.

Slowly but surely, revel in the experience and take the knowledge in bit by bit. All the while, remember to constantly remind yourself that giving up is not an option.

You may find yourself faltering when the challenge becomes too much bear. However, the secret of the law of attraction is not merely the attraction of positive vibes, but also the conscious and sub-conscious will of yours to work toward self-improvement.

4. Be persistent and determined

Once you think that you have sufficient information to formally explore the online job market, by all means start getting an online job.

Again, reaching this step requires patience. You will not get rich overnight, as the law of attraction does not work in that way.

It works in such a way that you think positive thoughts, consciously thread the path of self-improvement, and ultimately stay persistent enough until you get the online job and succeed in earning money online.

Basically, this law will guide your actions from beginning to the end, even as you start making serious money online.

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  1. Millie says:

    I am already in phase three of this project, and I am currently in research. It took me some time to organize all the information, but the plan is coming to the shape I wanted. It requires patience and a lot of will. If I may give a tip, don’t disclose your plans until you begin fulfilling them, because the over-enthusiasm of your friends can give you the satisfaction as if you already succeeded and slow your rhythm and the negative feedback from them make you desperate and just a failing job hunter!

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