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Using Wordtracker for Your Business

Search engine optimization and website traffic. These are the two most important things you should keep in mind as you build your online business.

By optimizing your content for search engine, you drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, turn the traffic into profits. It all starts with picking the keywords that both fit your website’s content and answers what people are looking for.

In both counts, Wordtracker may just be exactly what you need. Established in 1997 by partners Andy & Mike Mindel, it is a keyword research tool that specializes in looking for keywords for your online business. Just think about it: with the perfect keywords, people will come to your website in droves.

Once you have it installed in your computer, you can start by entering a search term for which you want to find related keywords. It will then give you a list of the 100 most searched keywords over the last 2 days, and even the last 160 days! The keyword list will contain the number of searches per keyword, the competition and the desirability of each keyword. From there, you can use the best keywords for your SEO efforts in your website.

Wordtracker also has a free keyword suggestion tool, which will tell you how many people have searched for a particular keyword phrase in the last 365 days in the US. The keyword ‘party favors’ has the clear lead of 1,482 searches.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

However, its free keyword suggestion tool may be lacking in terms of knowing what the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) of the keyword is. It’s a simple formula that tells you how much competition you are facing with a particular keyword phrase. If there’s too much competition, you might as well choose another keyword that’s not as highly searched but with less competition from other web pages.

You can only get that feature by either registering for a 7-day trial period or by purchasing an account.

With all this talk about keywords from Wordtracker, you must be wondering how exactly you will use them?

Tip#1: Optimize Your Web Pages

Armed with the highly searched, least competitive keywords in your niche, you can start with integrating SEO in your website. Place these keywords discreetly in each web page, place meta tags, and include them in the URL of the web pages. These are just some of the many SEO tips that can help you make use of the keywords Wordtracker gave you.

The keyword density will vary depending on your taste, but not going beyond 5% is probably the safest percentage. If you go overboard, you run the risk of being tagged as spammy by search engines, leaving you no chance of appearing in search engine results at all!

With the best keywords, you SEO efforts will certainly pay off. Remember: with SEO comes traffic; with traffic comes profits.

Tip#2: Look for a New Moneymaking Niche

Wordtracker is an invaluable ally if you’re in the online marketing business. Wordtracker has a listing of the top keywords on the short term (over the last 48 hours) and the long term (over the last 160 days).

They’re literally giving you a heads up on the keywords you should invest in!

Once you have the most searched keywords, you can start looking for products to market. With the right products and the fitting keywords, start marketing the products by using the keywords to your advantage. You can create ads, spin articles, or create a website. In any case, starting a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign is a lot easier with the top paying keywords.

Wordtracker Listing of the Top Keywords

Tip#3: Make Your Domain Name Fitting

Your domain name is a lot like your own name: it’s the first thing people will remember about you. To make a name that will make a mark, you should choose one that people are already looking for in the first place! Choose a domain name from the list of highly searched keywords in your niche category and while you’re at it, make it short and sweet.

This way, your website will surely be in the top pages of the search engine results for that particular keyword phrase.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an online marketer, Wordtracker will help your business in one way or another. Having reservations about buying the software? You can always try it for seven day, all for free. This way, you can try and see if it dovetails your business needs to a perfect fit.

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  1. Lee Taylor says:

    This thing can really make your job easier, but I want to find more about the spinning articles that you mentioned and which is their use. If I make a blog using these articles, if someone opens it, he will close it right away, because I think no one is interested in reading the same thing over and over again so no return traffic. Or are they used in some other way I am not aware of?

    • David Williams says:

      Thanks for visiting, Lee!

      I think the best way to create a blog that has spun articles is to generate a lot of original content and post the spun articles after some time. That way, your current pool of readers may not even be aware that they’re reading a spun article and new readers will get a hold of your blog’s content that is both fresh and original for them. Don’t over do it though!

  2. Hi

    Thank you for the article about Wordtracker. I’m the CEO and it’s great to see such a thorough article about our site and products.

    We actually offer a number of free resources:

    - a free keyword suggestion tool: http://www.freekeywords.wordtracker.com
    - the Keyword Questions tool – which shows the questions people are asking. It’s great for generating content ideas: http://www.freekeywords.wordtracker.com/keyword-questions
    - free keyword reports: https://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/top-keywords/long-term.html

    You’ll also find loads of free articles about keyword research, SEO, link building and blogging in our online Marketing Academy: http://www.wordtracker.com/academy

    Kind regards


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