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Website or Blog: Which One Will Make You the Most Money?

A blog or web log is actually a type of website. Everything you can find on the Internet is in one form or another, a website.

In the early days of the Internet, most textual content were in the form of journals, so even before the term was coined, the blog style of writing was already present.

One can say that blogs were the early form of websites. Now that a formal categorization has been established between blogs and regular websites, there is an ongoing debate on which one can be more profitable for the owner.

Well Internet marketing experts will tell you the debate is actually pointless and advise you to use both. After all why shouldn’t you maximize the tools available? There are differences between the two in terms of construction, content, and visibility on the Web.

The following will attempt to outline these differences and hopefully aid you in making a better decision. Keep in mind that much is also dependent on the kind of online business you want to set up. As in most other endeavors, using the right tool for the job increases the chances of success.

Building a Blog Versus Building a Website

Web development software like Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver are two of the more common programs that allow you to construct a regular website. Such programs basically function as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) editors and provide other tools for creating and organizing webpage content.

When the content is done, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software is then used to load it on the site. Obviously this requires some degree of technical know-how on the part of the owner, who will more often than not opt to hire a designer/developer to do the work for him.

Blogs, on the other hand, are so much easier to make. This is because they make use of CMS or Content Management Software. Such programs usually work within the browser and use interface and functions that are really targeted for the non-technical user.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

You can have your articles, pictures, music or videos up and online in a few minutes. CMS is so successful in fact that they’re beginning to replace the traditional web development software in regular website construction.

The software provided by WordPress is an example.

Another advantage of blogs is that they’re free. Majority of providers offer free hosting while in most cases setting up a regular website entails purchasing a domain.

So between blogs and websites, the former can actually cost less in terms of time and money.

Note: If you’re working with a small budget blogs might be a better option.

Blog Content Versus Website Content

Blogs started out as a way for the ‘average joe’ to quickly and easily get his views and opinions out in the public. But essentially there are no category or style restrictions when it comes to blog content.

What you can upload on a regular website is also viable for a blog and more people are beginning to use blogs for varied purposes other than they were initially intended.

In terms of visual layout and design however, blogs can be more limited than regular websites. The former works around design templates which makes it easy for the non-techie while the latter is a big empty canvas and the way it will look is only limited by the technical proficiency of the designer.

Note: If web design is an important factor in your online business, a regular website can give you more options.

Another limitation that blogs have is in terms of advertising, affiliation, and electronic payment systems. Blogs on free hosting networks usually have conditions on which ads can be put up or affiliates to be joined. Electronic shopping carts are also not so easy to set up in a blog. If you’re planning on setting up an online store, a regular website is the way to go.

Blog Visibility Versus Website Visibility

Blogs trump regular websites in terms of search engine visibility (this is because of a process called ‘pinging’). Every time you upload new content on your blog, the update service activates and search engines are notified of the new content.

In this way blogs are actually indexed far more frequently than regular websites. In the vast space of the Internet, an online business has no hope of thriving unless it shows up on an organic search with a high rank.

The way blogs automatically organize content is another factor that adds visibility. The latest content is always added on top of a blog’s homepage which greatly draws the attention of the search engine spiders.

On a regular website however the new content may not always be so easily accessible. Search engine spiders don’t always go through all the pages of a site.

Without CMS, a regular website’s owner will have to do more tedious content arranging which may result in more downtime. Just like a regular brick-and-mortar shop, an online store has to be open for business at the most optimum times. Every minute your site is not accessible is an opportunity lost.

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